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What is Kulo?

Kulo is a Finnish umbrella organization for various student associations focusing on cultural studies, such as ethnology, folkloristics, anthropology, religious studies, literature, archaeology, media culture, gender studies, musicology or art history.

The main goal of Kulo is to act as a bridge between students from different universities in Finland and organize seminars, excursions and other events to which all its members can participate. Seminars organized by Kulo are always open for everyone, free of charge.

Kulo is composed of student associations from five different universities. These associations are:

  • Kultu ry (Oulu)
  • Mythos ry (Helsinki)
  • NEFA-Helsinki ry
  • NEFA-Joensuu ry
  • NEFA-Jyväskylä ry
  • Kutu ry (Turku)
  • Konteksti ry (Helsinki)

Their contact details can be found from this page.

International contacts

Our most active international contact is Tartu NEFA Rühm in Estonia. Tartu NEFA is a student association of ethnology and folkloristics in the beautiful city of Tartu. Since Kulo has been founded in the year 2010, we have maintained the important contacts to Estonia, as Tartu NEFA is the only foreign NEFA still left in the northern Europe (NEFAs used to be active also in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland).

Become a partner

Kulo is always looking for more international partners. As an association we make yearly excursions abroad and we are always happy to accept recommendations of  academic events in which Kulo and it’s members could participate. Or perhaps we could plan a culture studies event together? If you’re interested to discuss possible forms of co-operation, please contact either our person in charge of international affairs or the president of the board. We hope to hear from you!

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